Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Avocado Pit Grower's Indoor How-to Book

There was a day in the late 1960's when everywhere we went, young married couples would proudly display in the corner of their living rooms the avocado trees they had grown from an avocado pit...Big huge trees with green, green leaves.  And all for the price of an overripe avocado.  So off I went, way back in the late 1960's, searching for an overripe avocado that would already have a sprouting plant within it.  And I found one and actually grew my own green leafed avocado plant, soon to be tree, even though my thumb was only the lightest of green.  Why someone had to write a book about something so simple was an amazing revelation.  I guess you can write a book (or a blog, for that matter) about anything.  Actually, I never read the book, perhaps because the book makes the whole process seem less than magical. Our shop has a fourth printing of the book, but the outer edge of the front cover's spine is split, just the way the avocado seed should be in order to sprout, but thankfully this book is not sprouting anything but information!

You know what?  I think, as soon as this post-hurricane clean-up passes, I'll head out to the green grocer's to look for an over-ripe avocado, and try my hand yet again at what every young bride of the late 1960s tried (in the category of indoor gardening, that is!)  Growing an avocado tree in the corner of my Victorian living room!

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  1. It was the only plant that I could keep alive! Why don't we grow them anymore???