Thursday, September 1, 2011

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Rescues Dolphins from First Encounter Beach, Eastham, Cape Cod

First Encounter Beach at Low Tide - Photo Credit:
Diamond Sue and Marash Girl went swimming at Campground Beach yesterday just before the sun set. As the tide went out, the swimmers decided to walk to First Encounter Beach.  Approaching First Encounter, they noticed crowds of folk standing about a 1/4 mile out towards the bay on the still wet sands where 14 dolphins lay stranded.  Disoriented by Sunday's hurricane, the dolphins had been swimming in waters too shallow to sustain them, and had had their first (and for two, fateful) encounter at First Encounter Beach.   The dolphins were being rescued with slings and transport carts by the IFAW Rescue (International Fund for Animal Welfare Rescue Workers) and were being taken by van to Herring Cove Beach, (the nude beach in Provincetown).

First Encounter Beach in Eastham is actually the site of the first encounter between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. . .  the beach is known for its calm waters where the tide goes way out, and the sunsets are magnificent.

Unfortunately, the 12 surviving dolphins were in no position to enjoy the sunset, as they lay exposed on the sands of the beach, far from the waters of the bay, gasping for their life, at the end of a very beautiful summer's day on Cape Cod, in Eastham, Massachusetts.


  1. Question: While you were there, had the rescue service arrived to assist these stranded dolphins?

  2. @Anonymous Answer to Anonymous> Yes, the rescue service was very busy removing one dolphin at a time, with lots of assistance from folks on the beach. These dolphins were more beautiful than any we had ever seen. Healthy, strong, breathing, shining in the light of the setting sun. . .