Saturday, September 24, 2011

Once Upon a Time in Brighton, Massachusetts

Once upon a time, in Brighton, Massachusetts, there lived a girl whose name was Ann-Louise. She was a beautiful and good girl.  She loved her mother and her father.  She loved her brother Fred.  She loved her friends.  And she loved mankind.

One day, Ann-Louise was walking along a street which had been newly decorated by the King, decorated with parking meters.   The meters were meant to force the people of Brighton to share.  Ann-Louise already knew how to share.  She understood the injustice of it all.  One day, she noticed a Meter Maid walking behind her, a mean and sulky woman dressed in the uniform that the King had issued, a Meter Maid ticketing the cars of the innocent citizens of Brighton, citizens who were unable or unwilling to adjust to this new system of taxation.

Ann-Louise did not have a lot, but she did have pennies.  And so she ran ahead of the Meter Maid, dropping pennies into the slots of the parking meters that bordered the cars about to be ticketed by the Meter Maid.  In reality, young Ann-Louise had risked her safety in the face of the Meter Maid for the well-being of the citizens of Brighton.  Her valorous action was never recognized, except by Marash Girl, who was witness to her bravery and generosity.

Ann-Louise, all these years later, Marash Girl toasts you for your courageous actions on behalf of the citizens of our Commonwealth.

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  1. big government requires big taxation. the larger the government the meaner the taxation becomes. that is why our founding fathers recognized that the threat to human liberty and prosperity always emanated from government, the bigger the government, the bigger the threat. a free people depends also on a moral and ethical people, which is why character is paramount to the sustaining of freedom. as character wanes, so wanes the idea of individual responsibility, and with it the cry for government to be messianic in its activity and reach. when government takes on the role of deliverer, it seeks to crush all competition to that role of deliverer. thus, to love one's neighbor as oneself, has no place in the land of big government and small people.
    God Bless Ann-Louise, and all like her, for they stand athwart the line that separates the darkness from the light.