Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rambutan: The Fruit with a Mind of its Own!

My latest discovery?  Rambutan.  Not the most attractive to look at, but oh, the taste!  I've always loved lichee nuts as an after Chinese dinner treat, but rambutan are fresh and crunchy and sweet, and they don't even need the sugar syrup to make them delicious. Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned the following.  A relative of the lychee nut, Rambutan is native to the Malay Archipelago, from where it spread to Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka and India; and east to Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.  I loved it even more when I learned that rambutan is a stubborn fruit:   non-climacteric, rambutan refuses to ripen unless on the tree.  How do you like that!!!!

I still haven't figured out how to remove the center seed from the delicious white meat of this fruit!  I finally decided that I could not serve this delicacy; I would have to eat around the hard center nut all by myself.

These perfectly ripe husked rambutan still need their center seeds removed in order to enjoy the succulent white fruit.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?


  1. cut it in half and scoop the seed out.

  2. Eat the seed in the center of the Rumbutan.
    I think that's what I did in Thailand...
    where did you find them here?
    I loved these little fruits so much..