Friday, September 2, 2011

Antidisestablishmentarianism & the Tea Party

The ships docked a block away from Commercial Street, Provincetown.
Diamond Sue and Marash Girl were walking along, (or dare I say cruising?) in downtown Provincetown yesterday when Marash Girl overheard a father responding to his questioning son: "What's the longest word in the English language?  Yes, it's antidisestablishmentarianism."  Overhearing that conversation brought Marash Girl back to the days of her childhood when the very same question was central to many a conversation, and knowing the answer a great point of pride.  Turning to Diamond Sue, Marash Girl asked, "What's the longest word in the English language?"  Without hesitation, Diamond Sue answered, (and yes, with pride,) "Antidisestablishementarianism.  But what does it mean?"  "Oh," answered Marash Girl.  "It just means being against the Tea Party Movement!"  

Diamond Sue laughed almost all the way to the end of Commercial Street, which, by the way, according to eye witnesses, had been covered by sea water on Sunday during Hurricane Irene .


  1. So sad that the Tea Party Movement has sabotaged the meaning of "tea parties", a wonderful ritual among women who gather to share stories and a cup of tea.

  2. so sad that ignorance of what the tea party movement is all about, and lack of support thereof, will limit your ability and freedom to enjoy 'tea parties'. so sad, diamond sue.
    love from
    emerald Jim