Sunday, September 4, 2011

Diamond Sue walks into a Bar, an Ice Cream Bar, that is!

Diamond Sue walks up to the bar (at Lewis Brothers Home Made Ice Cream Shop on Commercial Street in Provincetown,) and asks for a drink.  The fellow behind the bar says, "We sell ice cream here."  (He's thinking, "What is this, a joke?")  Diamond Sue insists on a drink, so the ice cream man finally asks, "What do you want to drink?"  And Diamond Sue, to his surprise, asks for an egg cream.  "We don't have that," he says, "but I can make it up for you if you tell me how, and I'll charge you the same as a soda."  So Diamond Sue shares the recipe for an Egg Cream with the "bartender", while Marash Girl listens:  "The drink (so delicious) is called an egg cream (in name only - no egg, no cream!).  It's made with some chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer - soooo good!"  And it cost Marash Girl (who was treating) the same as a soda (or as we say in New England, a tonic)!

N.B.  Diamond Sue says that if you're in the mood, you can even add ice cream!


  1. The (ice cream) BAR TENDER probably thought WOW when he saw the gorgeous Diamond Sue . . . I hear he is adding this to the menu and renaming the drink after her, calling it the "EGG SUECREAM"

  2. I think a sexier name for this drink might be "L'eggs" Diamond.

  3. This desert lover prefers the name: