Saturday, August 27, 2011

Community Police at Jamaica Pond, Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts

If you take a walk around Jamaica Pond, you may just be lucky enough to meet a friendly policeman.  Not Officer Krupke of West Side Story fame, not Michael the policeman of Make Way for Ducklings fame, but yes, a policeman named Michael (whose dad actually played the part of Officer Krupke in West Side Story).  Evidencing Boston's efforts at community policing, Officer Michael, observing (which is a major part of his job) that a group of us were celebrating Bambi's birthday, offered to place the birthday girl behind bars, behind the bars of his police cruiser, and handcuff her, just long enough for us to take a photo that she could send out to all of her friends!


  1. I am about to become a devoted follower of Marash Girl having just read the true story of my birthday followed by reading some of her other equally fascinating blogs. Curiously, I'm always connecting views and events to Make Way for Ducklings, but why not, as I've lived in the Boston area almost my whole (long) life!

  2. I can't believe it -- my "perfect" sister being "arrested!" Way to go, Bambi! And Happy Birthday