Saturday, October 22, 2011

Claflin School, David Seeley and Hydrophillic Cereal

All this talk about hydrophillic and hydrophobic reminds Marash Girl of David Seeley, (yes, he rears his head again in this blog!) Marash Girl's classmate for 7 years at Claflin School in Newtonville, Massachusetts.  In 6th grade, their teacher, Miss Tobin, assigned them each the task of writing an advertisement.  Although Marash Girl does not remember what she wrote, she still remembers David Seeley's advertisement.  It went like this:

"Try Soggie Woggies.  The new breakfast cereal.  It doesn't snap, crackle, and pop.  It just sits there and soaks up the milk."  As always, David Seeley had the class howling with laughter, and Miss Tobin ready to throw David out of the classroom into the hall!

Now knowing what we know about hydrophobic and hydrophillic foods, (see yesterday's blog on Grapenuts), we know that Soggie Woggies must have had very little sugar, if any, (whoops, that's getting ahead to the next blog) -- we know that Soggie Woggies, the new breakfast cereal, was hydrophillic, as most carbohydrates are!  Marash Girl wonders if David Seeley knew that.  Or if Miss Tobin knew, for that matter!

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  1. Miss Tobin was one tough Irish Mick. She was tall and slim and had an air about her that was not lofty. But, she got the job done. She taught us. She taught us that to mess with authority, a mess will ensue. She also taught academics.