Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leaf Peeping in the Berkshires & the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

Driving west on the Massachusetts Turnpike, autumn was barely visible, but our weekend hosts promised us that we would see color once we arrived in the Berkshires, and to ensure leaf peeping success, they drove us north to Williamstown!

The fields were ablaze with color, especially the fields belonging to the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (better known as the Clark) in Williamstown, Massachusetts!  Had we known that the Museum not only housed magnificent paintings and sculptures, but owned over 100 acres of fields and forests riddled with trails, we would have planned to view the color that nature provided rather than the frames of color hanging on the walls of the museum.
Entering the museum, to our joy, we learned that from October 11 through May 31, admission is free, and, to our sorrow, we discovered that we had just missed the Pissarro Exhibit (see below).

Nonetheless, the museum held many surprises, among them the two paintings you see below by Winslow Homer.
Saco Bay
Even Degas' Ballet Dancer was not enough to hold the interest of their consorts as the women 
browsed through the room of antique silver.


  1. autumn is the the woodland wearing war paint. it is the face of the native american in full regalia. it is the embrace of a lover's farewell to a summer well lived. autumn is the mating dance to the heart of the beholder. it is the blush of a life lived well and long. it is a call to life and light at eventide.