Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coyotes Beautify Newton

Are coyotes making a comeback?  This was the question Marash Girl asked herself as she read the article in the Newton Patch concerning residents' fear of coyotes.  Marash Girl has a fondness for coyotes.  They dare to brave the tar and cement of the world that continues to destroy their habitat.  Coyotes never bothered Marash Girl in Wilbraham.  In fact, after sunset,  they often sang to her family.  Marash Girl (this sounds strange, right?) had conversations with them, calling back in their own language at first, and then telling them (in English) that she did not want them visiting that evening.  And they understood, because after five minutes of conversation, they quieted and settled in for the night, never approaching. Their lair, somewhere in the mountains and rocks beyond the cabin on top of Wilbraham Mountain, had indeed allowed them to survive by receding  to the edge of civilization, as it were, to what was left of the wilderness in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.  The suburbs had reached the perimeter of Marash Boy's family land and was forced to stop there by 100 acres of 'Marash' land, and more of Wilbraham Conservation Land.  Hopefully, the June 1 tornado left the coyotes and their lair intact.

N.B. It is interesting to note that coyotes figure large in traditional Navajo life.   "It will avail nothing to be angry with Coyote, wrath words and loud commands will not influence him." http://www.twinrocks.com/legends/44-coyote-of-navajo-mythology.html


  1. does that mean that your bark is worse than your bite?

  2. Perhaps the coyotes were frozen in place by the sound of a sister coyote that they could not quite identify. a new species, perhaps? of hostile intent? larger than any life they had yet encountered? an invasion from another planet?
    vat to do? vat to do?
    My gosh, where is Mowgli when we need him?