Tuesday, November 1, 2011


One of the items that survived the June 1 tornado in Wilbraham was the wooden gavel that had its home on the green monster (buffet) that was opposite the front door of the mountain top cabin in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.  Marash Girl looked at that gavel made of oak (was it made from one of the oak trees on the mountain?) and tried to remember. . . What was it that the kids used to play?  She wrote an email asking for enlightenment, and here are the responses.

I believe the wooden gavel was used to play "Order in the Court"  When we would have a mock trial.  Funny, I was just thinking about that game the other day. Deron C.

All I remember about the game was banging the gavel and saying order in the court (and I think there were quite a few circular indents on the porch table from the banging).  Did we actually do a trial?  I don't remember any other part other than the banging of the gavel.  Karoun C.

Banging the gavel and saying, "Order in the Court"?  Nisha C.

Didn't we use it for that game?  The market game.  Corner on the Market?   I remember Marash Girl saying, "Order in the Court!"  Nancy H.

A guessing game of right or wrong decided by gaveling? Levon C.

I was trying to remember how that game went.
Perhaps we should have a re-trial at Christmas. Lorig C.

We got our first glimpse of the court system through this game.  I guess we viewed the courts as chaotic!  Lorig C.

What Marash Girl remembers? An 800 square foot cabin in Wilbraham, with sleeping for 14, almost always 6 children and 2 to 4 adults enjoying the summer camaraderie -- someone had to keep order in that court -- and the kids decided they were the ones to do it!  Where the gavel came from, we'll never know!


  1. whether it is the conch (Lord of the Flies)or a gavel, every association of people require the symbol and substance of order. there are different 'orders', as we know from history. for example,there is the order of the kangaroo court, the order of a lynch mob (the noose being the symbol and substance) and there is the order of the US constitution. whenever and however the symbol of order is frayed, it is a sure sign the substance has eroded, as well. having lived in germany for a time, i also know that a fetish can be made out of 'order'.
    in america, if one wants to confirm that all is as it should be, the question is 'everything OK'? in Germany, the question is, 'alles in ordnung'? whose rough and exact translation is,'everything in order'? the symbol of order in the garden of Eden was the tree of life. ever since we made that bad trade with the creepy crawling thing, it has been a struggle not only to restore order but to sustain it. the trouble is always in striking the right balance. too much order is not good, nor is too little order. it is like a recipe that requires just the right admixture of ingredients to make it right. thus, if 'order' is not written on the heart of man, exogenous forces will have to make up the difference, and that is when freedom is sacrificed. 'Here, here, the court is in order', but, are we?

  2. Now that I have read what other people remember about the gavel, I do vaguely remember us playing a court game. There was a lot of yelling(all in good fun) and laughing. I don't remember if we did mock trials or decided who did what chores. The only thing that has stuck with me is Marash Girl banging the gavel and saying, "order in the court".