Sunday, November 20, 2011


Marash Girl joined Occupy Wall Street Day of Action (New York City), speed walking while trying to take photos of signs held by OWS on  their Day of Action as they marched down 7th Avenue and Broadway via Foley Square on their way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

A scarfed Muslim woman carries a sign reading, "The role of the police is not to serve and protect the people. It is to serve and protect the system that rules over the people. . . "

"Pepper spray, racist brutality . . ."

As it started getting dark, a supporter of the march waved the American flag and a sign alerting folks to "Wake up!"

Other bystanders carried video cameras to record the moment.

Robed man on left carries small sign: "General Seminary."  Robed man in center carries sign stating, "In my tradition, we wear this Funan black dress when we suspect that we are  in the midst of something holy."  And woman to right carries sign stating, "Amen. This is what church looks like.  God occupies!"

"Our lives are worth more than their profits" states the sign held high by demonstrator as he passes New York's Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

"The maddest of all:  To see life as it IS and not as it SHOULD BE" . . . Miguel de Cervantes

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators walking south as the sun sets.
Marash Girl was a photo op for this fellow 'shooting' from the sidelines.
Police presence threatens as OWS marchers approach Foley Square.

Massive police presence at Foley Square.  What you cannot see are the bullhorns, the phalanx of mounted police and the huge numbers of New York's finest on foot protecting the 99% . . .  or are they?  Reminds Marash Girl of a chant from the '60's:  Which side are you on, boys, which side are you on?

Leaving Foley Square, Marash Girl comes to a street vendor selling American Flags and Obama signs to tourists.

From the roof of 99 John Street, Marash Girl could just about see the OWSers marching across Brooklyn Bridge.

If protesters have not made their point,  this sign on John Street makes it for them!


  1. i love the last sign. the reason the rents are so high is because of RENT CONTROL. rent control, as well as the zoning laws in NYC are primary examples of CRONY CAPITALISM, not free market capitalism. crony capitalism is the birth child of big government, the inevitable birth child of big government. Rent Control freezes some rents at an artificially low level, preventing new buildings from being erected because the investor cannot earn a proper return on the investment. this reduces the number of buildings available, over time, because of attrition. the scarcity pushes other rents, not under the control to ever higher levels. the solution is to not have rent control, and to have lax zoning laws; zoning laws places the politician in the position of being able to extort massively from the developer, and thus retards the construction of new buildings, reducing the availability of new apartments, pushing certain rents ever higher. check out Houston which has no zoning laws, and no rent control. There are a plethora of apartments and at a very reasonable price. all the problems the OWS crowd are enraged about, and rightly so, i might add, are the result of the mestastizing power of government which has grown too large and too invasive, and too corrupt. OWS should be marching on DC and City Hall, as well.

  2. OWS is marching on the nation's capitol. It's called Occupy DC: