Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Books on the Bookshelf

Marash Girl (a.k.a. OldCornerBooks.com) had misspelled the title (her transliteration was off)--ՊատկերազարդՁայնագրուած Հայկական Երգարան --“Badgerazart Tsaynakrvadz Haygagan Yerkaran” , and the folks ordering the book cancelled the order because they realized that they already owned the book. Thank goodness, because Marash Boy saw the  
Armenian song book, no date, circa 1918?
Երգարան and said, "Hey, that's the book that my father kept on his bookshelf next to his reading chair while I was growing up!  You're not going to sell that, are you?"  Had Marash GIrl known, she never would have listed it for sale.  But whenever Marash Boy says, "You're not going to sell that, are you?", and he's assured that the book will not be sold,   he places the book on the bookshelf next to where he reads, and never looks at it again.


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