Saturday, March 30, 2013

Making Hot Cross Buns

Snipping the crosses
Yesterday was Good Friday, the day Jesus was hung on the cross.  In memory of that day, Enila and Iffar joined Marash Girl in the traditional making of hot cross buns.  After adding the secret ingredient (do you know what it is), the children kneaded the dough, made a cross on the top of the dough with the side of their hand (just like their great grandmother used to do in Marash, and in Springfield), and set the dough aside to rise.  When the dough had risen (the cross on the top had disappeared), they shaped the dough into rolls, and snipped a cross into the top of each roll, just like their mom used to do.  After baking the hot cross buns, they decorated crosses on top of each roll with frosting made of confectionary sugar and milk.  They shared the hot cross buns with everyone!


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