Thursday, March 28, 2013

Discovering the Discovery Museum

Perfect for ages 6 to 10, possibly 12, the Science Discovery Museum in Acton, Massachusetts, offers never ending rooms of hands-on discoveries [accompanied by scientific explanations, should the parents be interested :) ], but the all time favorite for Iffar and Enila was the room with an arts and crafts table and a tool bench & tool wall covered with every tool that any craftsman could want.  The children, after covering their eyes with protective eye goggles, worked with hammer and nail, vise and saw, screwdriver and screw,  hasp and sandpaper, creating their inventions.  It was a room they never wanted to leave. (Of course, this was the one day that Marash Girl did not have her camera with her!) Marash Girl cannot recommend the Discovery Museum highly enough.  The children cannot wait to return.

N.B. While in the crafts room, the children learned that most Home Depots offer  free Saturday workshops for children, teaching them to build from wood such items as bird feeders, pencil boxes, etc.  The children await that experience with great excitement!


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