Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bill Littlefied's TAKE ME OUT

On Thursday evening at WBUR, (Marash Girl's favorite radio station), Bill Littlefield held court with his long-time friend Stephen Coren (the illustrator of Littlefield's latest book, TAKE ME OUT) before an audience of over 75 admirers.  TAKE ME OUT, a book of doggerel, not a children's book, not an adult book, but a book of rhymes for those who love sports and love fun, a book that Littlefield hopes (in jest or in earnest) will earn a place in the annals of literary history, a place between Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein . . .               Littlefield's joy was infectious as he talked about his writing of the rhymes and treated the audience to selective readings from his latest book, TAKE ME OUT.  
With Thanksgiving soon upon us, and for other reasons which may be obvious to some, Marash Girl has chosen to share with you, dear reader, this piece from Bill Littlefield's TAKE ME OUT, in memory of the Native Peoples of our land.


The Indians and Braves play baseball. Some would say, "Their loss." 
Perhaps those some think Indians and Braves should play Lacrosse.
Lacrosse, I'm told, was played upon the plains across the land.
Before the Indians and braves were made to understand
They had to leave the land they loved for regions quite forsaken.
The barren lots reserved for them, when better land was taken.

Lacrosse is played in high schools now and private schools as well.
It's played at lots of colleges and I suppose that's swell.
Lacrosse requires running, passing, catching, shooting, too . . .
Though not the sort of shooting that the army like to do
When Indians and braves would try remaining on their land,
As if perhaps when told to move they didn't understand.

A lot of people like lacrosse, which I suppose is nice.
To me it seems like slower hockey played without the ice.
But who am I to say what game is worst and which is best?
We each decide which one we think is better than the rest,
And if lacrosse is what you choose, then I will understand,
And hope that in the days to come you never lose your land.

Bill Littlefield (left) andStephen Coren talk about Bill's latest publication, TAKE ME OUT,
at Boston's WBUR on Thursday evening. When asked by a member of the audience, "Do you think women should get into boxing?" Bill Littlefield answered, "I don't think women should, and I don't think guys should either!"
Although not in rhyme, he did make his point!
Bill Littlefield (left) and Stephen Coren signing copies of TAKE ME OUT.
Bill Littlefield inscribes and signs a brand new copy of TAKE ME OUT for an admirer.

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  1. I got to hear a reading of the poem by our very own Marash Girl, the words jumped off the page.

    - Karoun