Monday, November 17, 2014

Spenser Fries Zucchini Circles Dipped in Beer Batter

Reading MORTAL STAKES by Boston's own mystery writer Robert B. Parker,  Marash Girl came upon a new way to prepare zucchini . . . Ready?

Yes, right in the middle of the mystery, Parker's hero/sleuth Spenser prepares zucchini in a manner that may appeal to those of you who make your own beer -- or who simply love beer and always have it around.

Parker makes it simple both for his sleuth Spenser as well as for those of us who would like to try following Spenser's example! And who wouldn't like a new (though tried and true) way to use up all of those zucchini that we get every fall! (We does not include Marash Girl as she was a failure at growing zucchini the last time she tried . . . Either not enough bees or not enough sun or both . . . )

Following Spenser's lead as he prepares zucchini in MORTAL STAKES, simply cut washed zucchini into circles; prepare a batter by pouring some beer into a small bowl of flour and stirring gently until smooth.  Place some flour in a separate small bowl.  Dip the zucchini circles first into the flour, and then dip the floured zucchini circles into the beer batter. Place those dipped zucchini circles directly into a frying pan which has a tablespoon or two of sizzling cooking oil (Marash Girl uses olive oil), and fry the zucchini circles until crisp!

Delicious, according to Spenser!  Marsha Girl can't wait to try preparing zucchini this way.  How about you?

Oh, and if you love Boston, love baseball, and love mysteries, try reading Parker's MORTAL STAKES!  You can skip the part about zucchini in beer batter, though . . .

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  1. Just about anything that is battered and fried would be delicious! But tasty sweet zucchini is probably better than bitter green tomatoes!