Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pets Allowed in Massachusetts Polling Places?

After observing the fear in the faces of some voters when large dogs accompanied their owners into the polling place this past Thursday, Marash Girl was curious as to whether or not dogs were allowed in polling places. After emailing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Election Division.  she received the following reply:

There is no law pertaining to pets in polling places. Of course, service animals are permitted in polling places, but otherwise it is up to the discretion of the owner or administrator of the building. If the polling place is in a building that does not normally allow pets, the animals may be prohibited from the building.

Elections Division

Marash Girl got to wondering.  Exactly what types of pets might folks take with them to help them make the correct decisions when voting?  Pet cheetahs? Pet snakes? Pet panthers? Pet fisher cats?  Pet donkeys? Pet anteaters? Pet Wallaroos? Pet chickens? H..m...m...m...m...m


  1. Nah. Pure convenience. If a pet owner needs to combine dog walking time with voting time in order to vote, well, at least he/she voted.

  2. You have to read Patricia Markx's article in two weeks ago's New Yorker to answer your pet assistance questions. You will definitely enjoy this article!!! OCTOBER 20, 2014 ISSUE

    Pets Allowed
    Why are so many animals now in places where they shouldn’t be?


    1. You mean her article about Emotional Support Animals? Give me a break, as we used to say in good old Day Jr. High School!

  3. Maybe dogs are the new trend, replacing the voting day bake sale!