Thursday, April 30, 2015

Encyclopedia Britannica and the Armenian Genocide

Marash Girl's father, Peter Bilezikian, spent much of his time (when he was not working), pouring through the Encyclopaedia Britannica. . . he was a history buff, and particularly enjoyed reading the articles on ancient history, medieval history, and yes, contemporary history. Grandpa Peter's faith in the  Encyclopaedia Britannica was vindicated today when it came to light that the Encyclopedia Britannica has replaced the reference to the "Armenian Massacres" with the words "Armenian Genocide".  As Grandpa Peter used to say, "We know what happened, whether the Turks admit it or not!"
Photo of Kumbet (section of Marash) in present day Turkey where Grandpa Peter was born and lived until he was 8 years old, when he was fortunate to leave with his family -- yes, he survived to tell the tale. Thanks to Ozcan Gulkesen for the photo.


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