Thursday, April 9, 2015

You should have seen Marash . . .

"Well, did you like the town? asked Corporal Hassan."

"It's very big," replied Memed.  "Such huge houses.  Like palaces . . . "

Corporal Hasan laughed.  "You should see Marash!  There they have a covered market full of colored lights.  Everything is shining bright, enough to dazzle you.  In one corner the cloth merchants, in another the saddlers, and then the coppersmiths . . . How can I describe it?  It's a paradise, Marash, a hundred times bigger than this."

From Yashar Kemal's MEMED, MY HAWK, a historical novel set in the Chukorova early in the 20th Century just after the Kemalists took over and after the Armenians were forced out of their homeland.  A fascinating read. . .


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