Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Politics of Public Bathrooms

When is a lady allowed to use the men's room?

Whenever she has to!

Cousin Charlie told Marash Girl recently that he walked into the men's room and was surprised to see a lady there.  He excused himself and walked out to check the sign on the door.  Men's Room.  Clearly.

Why was she there?

It has long been known that at any public event, there are short lines, if any at all, of men waiting to use the men's room.  On the contrary with the ladies' room, where the lines often go around the corner.  Some ladies have taken matters into their own hands, and when the line in front of the men's room disappears and the room is empty -- no men in sight -- ladies stand guard so that other ladies may use the facilities before the intermission ends.

When will the builders of buildings catch on?

And what exactly is it about the female anatomy that necessitates the long lines?

So the other day a friend was at the mall, and the sign in front of the Ladies Room said "closed for repairs". There was a Men's Room (no line) and a Family Bathroom with a lone lady standing in front saying that that bathroom was occupied, and that she was next.  Marash Girl's lady friend, not knowing what to do, knew what to do.  She knocked on the door of the Men's Room.  No answer.  Pushed open the door 'til it was slightly ajar and called in.  No answer.  Walked in, used the facilities, and walked out.  Moving uncomfortably from foot to foot, the lone lady was still waiting for the Family Bathroom to free up,


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