Sunday, April 26, 2015

Merjumek Kufte To Remember

Yesterday, Marash Girl's daughter arrived to commemorate the 100th Year Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by spending the afternoon with her mother making Merjumek Kufte, a family favorite since her (and her father's) childhood, a staple food dating back hundreds of years, no doubt . . . a meal that was available to the poor, both high in protein and high in nutrition . . . (See

Marash Girl: Merjumek Kufte Continues To The Next ...)

The assembled made the kufte together, with no recipe, with only the memory of the feel, the look, the smell, the taste . . . and it was the most perfect merjumek kufte. . . the most perfect remembrance . . . the most perfect proof that the Armenian people had survived, still survive and would survive for generations to come.

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