Saturday, April 2, 2016

Armenian Khachkar in Germany

A friend in Germany sent the above photo and writes, 

There is a centre for Armenian studies at the University of Halle ( and Halle is the seat of the Armenian congregation of Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxonia-Anhalt, a German federal state), owning an Armenian church there since 2010 (

What the Armenian inscription says I don't know ;-)) but here's the translation from German
"This cross-stone (Khachkar) was erected to the memory of the million victims of the genocide [commited] against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in Western Armenia 
. . .
Armenian congregation of Sachsen-Anhalt and City of Halle 1915 - 2015"

The cross-stone is standing across from the District court building in Halle, Hansering
and is easy to reach from the railway station by foot.


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