Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shadows from the Past

As many of you may be aware, Marash Girl sells books -- mostly out of print books -- on the various internet bookselling sites.  Yesterday, as she went to list HAND SHADOWS TO BE THROWN UPON THE WALL, she was thrown upon the past -- she remembered when she first became aware of hand shadows.  She was in the fourth grade attending a "summer day camp" sponsored by the Immanuel Baptist Church in Newton Corner --  the minister of the church at the time, Rev. McCorkle, (not sure of the spelling), invited Marash Girl and her young family members to join the "summer day camp" -- he drove them to camp every day as he was a neighbor and Mummy didn't have her license yet --  it was at that day camp that Marash Girl first saw hands shadowed onto a white screen -- hands shadowing images of animals of all kinds.  The wonder of it all stays with her to this day!  And if Rev. McCorkle is still around, and you know him, please tell him how much Marash Girl appreciates the kindness he did for her and her family members that long-ago summer.


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