Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"You're right as well!"

New York Times quotes Marash Girl without crediting!  If you go to Marash Girl's blog post of September 3, 2013, you will find the following story, a story told to Marash Girl many a time as she was growing up.

"You're right, too! - A Favorite Nasreddin Hodja Story"

However, yesterday, in Sunday's New York Times Book Review yesterday, April 24, 2016, at the beginning of Jennifer Ouellette's article, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, (an article reviewing the books THE UNIVERSE IN YOUR HAND and SEVEN BRIEF LESSONS ON PHYSICS), you will find the same story. Ouellette begins, "Have you heard the joke about the elderly rabbi who tries to settle a bitter dispute between two men?  The rabbi listens to one man's case and pronounces him right. Then he hears the second man's case, and concludes the second man is right. At  this point his eavesdropping wife steps in and points out that both men can't possible be right.  To which the rabbi replies, "And you are right as well!"

Stories travel, and good ones travel far.


  1. Plagiarism is a firm of flattery, I suppose. And to be appropriated by the NYT is particularly flattering...but an attribution would be better!!

    1. I wouldn't call it plagiary. Great stories travel far and stay alive for centuries! I was just joking when I said that she was quoting Marash Girl!