Sunday, April 17, 2016

Story of Arrival, Story of Survival . . . on the Fly Leaf of a Bible

Ays Sourp Kirku Yepros Bilezikjiani gu badgani......1922 March 9
Kitabu Moukaddes ya'ni 'Ahdu 'atik ve 'andu jedid
'an asul mouharrer bouloundughu tbrani ve kildani ve younani lisanlarundan  Bir Terjeme
Istanbolsa, A. H. Boyajian Matba'asunda Tab' Olounmash Dur 1910
Peter Bilezikian 1939


  1. The ??? that you have in the first caption of the first picture is mystery no more. The fly leaf of the Bible reads in Armenian as such, "... Gu badgani", which means "belongs". It is basically saying: this Holy Bible belongs to Yepros Bilezikjian 1922 March 9.

    1. Thanks so much! It's been a long time . . .
      Will insert your correction.