Sunday, July 17, 2016

Attempted Coup: A Black Flag Operation

" Turkey's Erdogan Reasserts Control After Attempted Coup" - Wall Street Journal

Erdogan will now be able to restore the death penalty and all the other niceties of Sharia law, like beheading and stoning of women and the list is, well, you know, long. 
He will restore the caliphate and absorb Isis. There are already those who are calling him a God. This puts the end times calendar into overdrive, many will think, I guess. 
Absolute power, absolute dictatorship. And what do the ingenues at Fox call it? The rise of an autocrat. Now that's a nice word, and few in this country even know the meaning of it. But, it sure does sound better than dictator. Wasn't Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior's father, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., described as an autocrat at the breakfast table?  Ah yes, the good old days of huggy bears and plutocrat autocrats. . .  

Written by James Peterson the night of the event.


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