Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More on P

Spending time with her 9 year old grandson brought back memories of her own elementary school days and the jokes that the boys used to tell.  She wondered if the jokes were still alive and well in Maryland all these many years later, so she decided to ask her grandson . . . 

"Have you heard the joke that Marash Girl heard from David Seeley in 3rd grade at Claflin School? . . . it went like this.  

Teacher:  David, please recite the alphabet.
Teacher:  What happened the the 'P'?
David:  The 'P' went down the toilet.
And of course, all the boys howled with delight, while the girls were embarrassed and the teacher's face turned a bright red."

Iffar answered, "Oh, that joke!  We still tell it.  It goes like this . . .

David, waving his hand in class frantically in class, is ignored by the teacher.

Finally the teacher calls on David, and asks him to recite the alphabet.  David asks if he may be excused to go to the boys' room first.  The teacher replies, "After you recite the alphabet . . . "

So David dutifully recites the alphabet.


"What happened to the 'P'?" asks the teacher.

David replies, chagrined, "It's running down my pants leg."

N.B.  In her day, the "pee" joke was considered a "dirty joke" and Marash Girl never retold it until all these many years later . . . although she remembered it (obviously)!


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