Monday, July 11, 2016

Good for me, Not for you!

Living in New York City many years ago, Marash Girl met many an interesting character, one of whom became a good friend. His name was Haig, and yes, he was Armenian and an artist who painted on canvas.  (Actually, she first met him at Camp Haiastan. . . she was dancing the Armenian line dance, he broke into the line on one side of her, his friend on the other, and that was the beginning of a long friendship. . . ) She dated him at first, but soon the relationship got old and she and he moved on to greener pastures, as it were.  One day, when Marash Girl returned to NYC for a visit, she called Haig to see how he was doing.  He said that he couldn't talk at the moment, because he was with his girlfriend.  

"That's good," said Marash Girl, pleased that he had found someone else.

"Good for me, not for you!" was his answer, an answer that makes Marash Girl grin, even to this day!


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