Friday, July 29, 2016

Look what's going on in Armenia!

When Marash Girl asked yesterday about the situation in Armenia, Marash Girl's Hayastantsi Armenian friend wrote the following:

"I don't know what to say.... The videos and posts are so disturbing... I can't believe a great nation like we Armenians who survived so many centuries fighting against various enemies, today in the 21-st century have a corrupt government that thinks only about collecting wealth, properties in other countries, creating an unacceptable living environment for their own people, making them migrate for a better life. What can I say.... My heart is aching for my people.... I am asking we Armenians overseas to get together and stand up against the government and everything that is going on in our Yerevan today, stand up for our brothers and sisters, for our mothers and grandmothers, for our kids that are on the streets of Yerevan and are being treated like animals.  This is more than unacceptable.. Please copy and paste the links below and watch . . . . "

The links will NOT connect; simply copy and paste the above links into your web browser . . . and cry.  You don't have to understand the language; your eyes will tell you all you need to know.

And it's getting worse!

Anti-government forces remain in control of a police station in Yerevan as 50 injured when authorities try to clear out protest camp.


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