Friday, November 4, 2016

Ges-Ges Armenians in Aintab (Gaziantep)?

The following comments are taken from Cesar Jacques Chekijian's post in Aintabtsi Armenians:
"Until 1915, in the 100% Muslim Turkish village of Jiblin on the Euphrates River near Aintab, the tombstones had Armenian writings, where large groups of the people living there were called “Ges-Ges” ("half-half" meaning half-Christians and half-Mohammedan). There were also “Ges-Ges” people in Aintab, who used to make donations to the Armenian churches during the holy days, asking the priests for prayers for their souls."

Marash Girl wonders if anyone reading this blog is "Ges-Ges", or if "Ges-Ges" Armenians are still in Aintab (Gaziantep) . . . If so, please click comments below and write to Marash Girl.


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