Saturday, November 12, 2016

Happy Birthday, Nisha!

My Antranig's Antranig, announced Grandpa Peter every time he went to hug his first grandchild, Nisha!  Named after her father's father (who was born in Marash and was named Nishan), her parents wouldn't give her a boy's name, nor would they give her a long and arduous Armenian girl's name (often ending in "ouhi" tacked onto a boy's name), so they simply dropped the last 'n' from Nishan and named her Nisha.
Her First Home - 36 West Cedar Street, Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts (a long way from Marash!)
Her First Word - bud, bud-ger (her mother would repeat to her as they climbed the stairs and her hand would be trailing against the bud and pointing to the budger (bud, the word for wall in Armenian, budger the word for picture in Armenian)
Her First Memory -- The medallion in the center of the oriental rug on the second floor of 36 West Cedar Street, Boston, now on the living room floor of her family home in Newton Corner.
Her First Rides -  In a chauffeur-driven limousine from the hospital to her home on Beacon Hill, and soon after, in the antique carriage that her Aunties Arppie, Arax, Kenar, and her father Levon rode in as babies in Springfield, Massachusetts . . . a carriage which she rode "in style" through the Boston Common, where the homeless would reach out, wanting to touch her cute little bare toes.
Oh . . . and she's still as beautiful as the day she was born --  our blonde, blue-eyed Marashtsi aghchig!


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