Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Joke from the Past

As Marash Girl looked out the window and saw rain coming down (well, of course it's coming down; rain never comes up!)  As she was saying, when Marash Girl looked out the window this morning and saw rain coming down rather than snow, she smiled, and her smile reminded her of those days many years ago when her dad loved to tell her (what she assumes was) an old joke,  a conversation that ensued usually after Marash Girl had been on the phone with one of her many school friends, catching up on the day's activities.

Young Man speaking to his girlfriend over the telephone:  "I love you so much.  For you, I'd cross the hottest desert, climb the highest mountain, swim the widest ocean . . . oh, and by the way, I can't come over tonight.  It's raining." 


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