Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March for America, Washington, DC

"Now You've Pissed Off Grandma"
Above photo sent to Marash Girl by her granddaughter Aline who attended the Women's March for America in Washington, DC,   objecting to the new powers that be in Washington D.C.
Marash Girl's grandchildren (above) Aline & Raffi carry on the struggle at the
Women's March yesterday in Washington, DC
Although her children and grandchildren are right there with Marash Girl, her brother James is not.

Brother James writes, "Darkness, from hell, itself. The Devil comes to kill, rob, and destroy. That also is a summary of Progressivism. God have mercy on you. . .  You're a fascist! A communist!"

Not sure how Marash Girl can be both, or either, for that matter . . . but brother James made the point that the political positions are one and the same, and that Marash Girl is, to say the least, "not in his camp"!

Hard to believe that these two, Brother James and Marash Girl, were brought up in the same household by the same parents.


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