Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Anniversary, Mummy and Daddy!

Happy Anniversary, Mummy and Daddy!  If it weren't for your marriage on this day in 1940, none of us -- Marash Girl, Marash Martha, James, our children, our grandchildren -- none of us would be here!  And to think that you returned from your honeymoon to find a chalked message written on the back of your bedroom door:  "This marriage will never last!"  Why would someone perform such a hateful act?  Why?  It seems, Mummy, that the Protestant church that you attended was not conservative enough for the folks that attended your church, Daddy.  Mummy, you could actually look pretty and fix your hair and wear lipstick.  Good for you!  And good for both of you, Daddy and Mummy, for fighting the powers that be, for pursuing your love, for marrying, for bringing us into this world, for bringing us up in the way that you did.  We miss you guys!  We love you guys!


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