Friday, January 20, 2017

Don't trash those Poinsettia Plants!

Have you noticed that after the winter holidays, folks trash their poinsettia plants?  Why?  Are they any less lovely after January 1 than before January 1?  Is their value really only as holiday decor?  Marash Girl insists that they are living, breathing plants and deserve a second chance at life!

They will survive if you keep them lightly watered and in light.  As Marash Girl is no expert in plant advice, she begs her readers (possible owners of Christmas Poinsettia) to check online to see how to care for these beautiful plants . . . they will live for another day, another holiday, another year, another decade!

Why is Marash Girl discussing poinsettias and not politics?  Her daughter Lorig will be attending the inauguration and will provide photos and info which Marash Girl will post tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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