Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Cabbage Stuff!

Cabbage Stuff?  Sounds awful?  Wrong!  The easiest and most delicious winter meal you could prepare on a cold winter's day . . . that is, if you have green cabbage!  And here's how you do it.  (All credits go to Medzmama, Digin Azniv, of Springfield, Massachusetts.)

You'll have to have on hand a head of green cabbage, a large yellow onion, a clove of garlic (Medzmama says you can only use the onion or the garlic, never both, but Marash Girl breaks the rules and uses both), and a large can of stewed tomatoes.

Begin by peeling the large onion, slicing it or chopping it finely (your preference), and browning the onion slices on low heat in a good olive oil.  While the onion slices are browning, peel and chop one or two cloves of garlic, chop finely, and, adding to the onion slices, stir 'til lightly browned.  (If you or your guests eat meat, it is at this point that you would add ground lamb, and stir until well browned.)  Turn off the heat under the pot.
Back to the chopping block.  Remove the outer leaves from the cabbage and rinsing off the cabbage under cold fresh water. Slice the cabbage into thin strips (spaghetti sized).  Add the chopped cabbage to the already browned onion mixture, turn on the heat under the pot, and stir until the cabbage is slightly wilted.  Add fresh very ripe tomatoes, or a the can of stewed tomatoes, stir and simmer for one half hour.

"Cabbage Stuff", my kids' favorite epithet for this meal, will be even better the next day and the next, especially when served over rice pilaf or bulghour pilaf.  (For recipes, see this blog, Marash Girl - bulgur pilaf for Thanksgiving - Nov. 27, 2013.)

Happy eating!


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