Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Uncle Manoog and Marash Girl's Leather Sandals

Years ago, when Marash Girl was living in New York City, she loved to visit her Uncle Manoog, first cousin to her Grandpa Moses, both born in Marash in the mid to later 1800's.  In those days, Marash Girl wore leather sandals . . . that is, hand made leather soles with a few leather straps to hold the soles onto her feet, very expensive sandals that had been hand-made in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and gifted to Marash Girl by her then artist friend.  That was the style, and very stylish it was (both the sandals and the friend).  But Uncle Manoog was unaware of the styles of the day, in that he was, at that time, in his late nineties, and rarely went out for walks along the Brooklyn boulevards.

As Stephanie reports the story, Uncle Manoog approached her with some money, and asked that she buy Marash Girl some proper shoes; he hadn't realized that his cousin's family was so hard up that their daughter couldn't afford a proper pair of shoes to cover her feet!


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