Thursday, January 25, 2018


With all the talk these days about the dating rules in the United States of America -- the dating rules for for men and women --  Padiddle comes to mind!  What does Padiddle mean?  Padiddle means someone owes someone a kiss! A kiss?  Yes!  In the late 1950's, if a guy was out for the evening on a date with a gal, and the guy spotted a car with a burned-out headlightt, if he called it (shouted "Padiddle"), it meant he could claim a kiss from the girl he was with . . .

A wonderful young man who was out with Marash Girl one evening did exactly that:  he spotted a car with one headlight out, shouted padiddle, and claimed a kiss, but no way was Marash Girl going to allow Jimmy H. to kiss her, nor would she kiss him, padiddle or not.  He was just a friend.  A good friend, but a friend nonetheless.  Marash Girl reproved Jimmy H., and, of course, never heard from him again.

Too bad, because he was a really good kid.  Oh, and he was NOT Armenian!


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