Monday, January 8, 2018

Separation problems?

Baking during these frigid snowy days?  What could be better?  Staying warm, staying productive, and hopefully sharing the product with your neighbors.  But . . . oh, oh!  Can't get that cake you just baked out of the baking pan?  If the pan is made of metal (NOT GLASS) and you've greased it well before pouring in the cake batter, no problem.  Simply do as Marash Girl's mother did.  After letting the cake cool slightly, using a knife, separate the cake from then edge of the pan; then turn the pan over and, using a metal tablespoon, or the handle of a metal butter knife, gently tap the back of the cake pan . . . if you tap evenly around the base of the metal pan, the cake should loosen up and fall out onto the table, so make sure the pan with the cake is only inches from the table when you are trying to separate the cake from the pan!!!! Otherwise . . .


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