Monday, January 17, 2011


Daddy often talked about that first date. How he took Mommy to the Waldorf in Central Square and they had apple pie with ice cream and a cup of coffee, all for 15 cents. My mother was beaming, said my father. She was so pleased, so happy. He dropped her off that day at her home on Vassal Lane and never did she mention to her mother, her father, her brother or her sister that she had been on a date with Peter, at least not for many months.


  1. I'd forgotten about the Waldorf chain (my choice was usually the Bick). Odd that she didn't mention it right away to the people who had introduced them - maybe it was one of those "special" feelings that one keeps for one's self for a while.

  2. She may have told Auntie Bea, and perhaps it was Aunty Bea that cautioned her!

  3. love is the arrow of light that pierces the heart and warms it, forever.