Monday, January 24, 2011


Recently, thanks to the blogging bug, I've reconnected with my cousin, THE MOM CHEF, whose blog,, is more than worth checking out. She has invited me to be a guest blogger on her site today, and, as I had the pleasure of preparing Spanaklu Yumurta (my husband Levon's favorite) for breakfast on Saturday morning, I decided to share that not so well-known recipe with you, dear reader, and with her. I thought for sure this recipe would be in my mother's (and my) favorite cookbook, Rose Baboian's Armenian-American Cook Book, available, by the way, at my online bookstore,, but I just checked and the recipe's not there. In order to prepare Spanaklu Yumurta and to find out what it is, you'll have to go to the Mom Chef's blog, Taking On Recipes One At a Time. Just click this link to read how simple it is to create one of Aintab's quick, delicious, and nutritious Armenian dishes. By the way, The Mom Chef is daughter of one of my all-time favorite cousins who could spin a tale as well as the Mom Chef. Shall I tell you about him? Later perhaps. For now, I'll see you at where I'll share some memories and the simple preparation of the ancient dish known as Spanaklu Yumurta.

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  1. I was inspired the other day by your blog and prepared luscious spinach/ eggs!