Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dad always loved to go for a laugh. When an orator or a friend was going on and on and on, exploring a subject to its death (and the imminent death of the listener), and that speaker would threaten to go on for an equally long and boring time by inserting into the solliloquey the transitional phrase, 'on the other hand', my dad, wanting to bring the subject to a close, would comment quietly to me (if he was being polite), or out loud to the speaker (if he could), 'On the other hand? On the other hand he wore a glove!' To this day, when Tatoul and I are chatting and Tatoul wants to lighten up the conversation, he'll laugh at me and quote my father: 'On the other hand? On the other hand, he wore a glove!' And so, dear reader, keeping that in mind, here ends my post for the day.


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