Tuesday, April 10, 2012


http://gethuman.com/  Can't find the number on the website?  Found it but no answer? Can't get through?
Marash Girl learned many lessons yesterday with the further failure of her mail program.  And one is how to 'get human' through the internet.  Trying to get through to Comcast seemed impossible, as did the whole task of reconfiguring her email which would no longer send.  The folks at Apple were kind enough to share the secret of how to 'get human', i.e., get a human being on the other end of the electronic device known as the telephone, (or the cell phone) at a website that promises to cut through the wait time, the music, the insistence on your grandmother's birthplace, your favorite pet, your mother's place of birth, and actually speak to a human being.  They promise that when you need to contact a company, or have them call you, that you can get customer service faster and easier by using their site to get there.  Let me know how it works when you force the technological world around you to get human:  http://gethuman.com/ 

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  1. Technology companies and "get human" are an oxymoron.

    Marko Pasha