Saturday, April 21, 2012

A guy walks into a bar . . .

A guy walks into a bar: "Bartender, set me up 3 shot glasses and put a little whiskey in each one."  "OK," says the bartender.  The bartender watches as the fellow pauses before each shot glass before downing it.  "Interesting," the bartender thought, but soon forgot about it.  But about a week later, the same fellow comes in and again asks for the 3 shot glasses and whiskey.  This time the bartender's curiosity got the better of him and he asked: "You mind telling me why the 3 shot glasses?"  "Not at all," said the fellow.  "My two brothers emigrated to the United States and I do this little ritual every so often to think of the good times we had together." 
"Oh", says the bartender, "that's very thoughtful."  The fellow goes through his ritual and leaves.  A couple of weeks later, the fellow comes into the pub and asks the bartender to set up 2 shot glasses.  "Oh, no!" says the bartender, "Did something happen to one of your brothers?"  "No, no," says the fellow, "nothing happened to them, they're both fine.  It's just that I gave up drinking."  Contributed by Harvard Classmate Alan Lokensgard


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