Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Knitting Nobby on the Outer Banks

Here we are on the Outer Banks and our surprise of the day from Amma Marash Girl is a Knitting Knobby!  We never experienced a knitting knobby before although I have experienced knitting.  In fact, to put it another way, I am an experienced knitter!! And I'm almost 9 years old.  That's me in the top most picture with the red yarn.

Once we got our knitting knobby, we tried to get started right away, but first I had to eat my cereal before it got soggy.  (I was eating Cheerios.)  The knitting knobby looked so easy, but when we first got started, we didn't know what to do with it, so Amma and Auntie Ann-Louise started it for us.  Within minutes, we were pros! 
                                      This post written by Enila and typed by Marash Girl on the Outer Banks.


  1. I have a feeling that Enila will be able to explain how to use the Knitting Knobby in a much clearer manner than Amma and I.

  2. What a well written blog, I thought to myself, before realizing that Marash Girl hadn't written it! Nice job Enila!

  3. Hi Enila! Thanks for a great blog post! I am so impressed with your knitting. Also, I totally agree about Cheerios - very important to eat them before they get soggy!!

    1. Yes, it is very important to eat Cheerios before they get soggy. They were very good when they weren't soggy!