Tuesday, May 15, 2012


If you were walking by Maple Avenue in Newton Corner this morning, at the corner of Church Street, you would have been witness to the aftermath of a crime.  Standing by their Honda sans wheels was the bereft couple who live in an apartment in the house on the corner.  Yes, they have a dog, but the dog didn't start barking until they started sobbing this morning when they found their Honda propped up by two cement blocks, a Honda with no wheels.  The Newton Police were on the scene immediately, dusting for fingerprints (though no black light for semen) with the news that whenever they find fingerprints, the owners of the fingerprints are always from the inner city (and that's not Newton's inner city!)  Apparently the wheels have a ready resale market where the perpetrators of this crime can get quick cash.  Honda owners beware!

Honda sans wheels

Police with kit dusting for fingerprints at the corner of Maple Ave and Church St., Newton Corner. Note cement block under car left by the caring perpetrators of the crime. . .


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