Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just resting . . .

One of Dad's favorite jokes is the following.  It was brought to mind this morning when the phone rang and my husband asked if it had wakened me; No, I  answered. I'm just westing.

Here goes:

A woman opened the door of her new refrigerator and found a rabbit sitting on the top shelf.  Surprised (to say the least), the woman asked the rabbit, What are you doing in my new refrigerator?

The rabbit answered:  This is a Westinghouse, right?  Well, I'm Westing.

(Peter and Paul Bilezikian as Newtonville Electrical Co., Inc., in Newtonville, Massachusetts, were one of the first purveyors of Westinghouse goods in the New England area, in the days when rabbits talked like 'wabbits'.)


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