Saturday, May 26, 2012

Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall speaks at Radcliffe Day

Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall (right) preparing to speak yesterday at Radcliffe Day in the Radcliffe Yard, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Photo Credit: Marash Girl

Featured speaker at Radcliffe Day was former Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall.  Chief Justice Marshall opened her remarks by thanking Radcliffe "for encouraging us to question".  She was awarded the Radcliffe Institute Medal, an award presented annually to "an individual who has had a transformative impact on society." Born in South Africa, Margaret Marshall was the 24th Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court from 1999 to 2010.


  1. Is that really where you got your drive to question everything? I think your father taught you that too. And as for me, the next generation -- I'm TIRED of questioning everything! It's something that just keeps kicking in.