Monday, October 21, 2013

A Contemporary Cautionary Tale . . .

A contemporary cautionary tale that arrived in Marash Girl's email not even a day after she had seen her friend driving the 1968 Merecedes . . . here's the sad tale about a long-loved, long-lived 1968 Mercedes 250 SL that had once belonged to the owner's mother . . . 

The email began:

"I totally forgot that the person who had been starting the Mercedes for me said that he had seen fluid come out of it…
But he said he thought it was nothing…..

"It’s never nothing when fluid comes out of a car!
And that’s what I told him…

I totally forgot and drove it.
It’s an automatic with a stick shift.
When I went to park it, I was backing into the space and it would not go into park.
I had to pull the key out of the ignition just so it would stop.
Then when I went to start it again,
I turned the key and it looked like the electrical light went on….but it would not turn over!
Did I drive the car without transmission fluid and destroy the transmission?  I fear the worst!"

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  1. Hmmm, let me think about this today...I simply will not entertain thoughts that the little car has reached the end of it's life...what kind of fluids would come out of a car? Radiator fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, battery acid (fluid) and why would a light come on? I don't think cars of that vintage had such sophisticated warning light systems...we can't give the vintage 250 SL! I will return with additional thoughts as I ponder and think throughout the day...reporting from the Charles in Cambridge..